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We are fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with our clients.

Emilia Clarke
Michael Hadjion
Engineering Manager | Aspen Pharma Australia
"Aspen Pharma (Australia) are utilising Vimachem SSM as the site level serialisation system, which is paired with Wipotec OCS line level units. Vimachem SSM has a very clean, intuitive interface which allows new business users to be trained easily and to quickly gain proficiency in site serialisation operations. Where support is needed, the Vimachem team are quick to respond. Overall, Aspen have been highly satisfied with the Vimachem SSM application and highly recommend its use for companies that are going down the path of Wipotec-OCS as their serialization machines."
Emilia Clarke
Dr. Reiner Pöstges
Head of Production / QP | MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG
"At Medice we selected the Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Site Manager (SSM) to manage our plant level serialization operations, to manage our Wipotec-OCS lines (full aggregation) and to integrate to Tracelink L4-5. From the day of the kick-off of the Vimachem L3 project and for the 2 months until its complete installation and validation, we were amazed by the quality of the Vimachem software as well as with the expertise and professionalism of the Vimachem team. Vimachem supported us throughout the project with technical expertise and consulting for both the Vimachem L3 as well as for Tracelink L4-5 which was of great help to us. They also executed with us the full validation of the Vimachem L3 which combined with the high quality documentation of Vimachem, allowed us to timely install and validate the Vimachem L3 SSM in the Medice systems. We had a great experience working with Vimachem , we highly recommend the Vimachem L3 SSM and the Vimachem team."
Emilia Clarke
Meghana Kalluri
Aseptic Manufacturing Engineer | Athenex Inc.
"Vimachem platform is extremely user friendly, required minimal training for Athenex team. Vimachem project implementation team was extremely supportive, especially towards the rush hour and prior to launch. Their qualification documentation and approach were very customer specific and less generic, which was helpful to narrow down our internal testing. The project team was on top of the schedule, always accessible through emails and supported fast paced execution to meet internal production needs."
Emilia Clarke
Luis Montero
Engineering and Information Systems Director | IBERFAR, Indústria Farmacêutica S.A.
"Order generation and the connectivity to the lines (easy to add, change order from and to machine) was one of my favorite features. The Project team was quick to resolve and meet requirements throughout the project implementation, which had a duration of 2 months as promised before the project start."
Emilia Clarke
Per Stenlöf
Project Manager | AGB Pharma AB
"The system is simple in use but can manage several complex settings. A highly valuable tool as it is very simple to easy and when compared to other similar systems. It only required one training session before we all were up and running.

What we really liked was the integration with TraceLink and how easy it was to reuse the master data. This minimizes the risk of using incorrect master data together with the master data verification. We also enjoyed that you could verify and preconfigure production lines and templates to minimize risk´s related to master data entries using the test environment. The option to automate commissioning and product release features is useful and effective to less user input while staying compliant.

Support and access to the system is easy, maintaining a high level of security and data integrity. Our project was installed on time and the project team was very competent with a very high level of support, competence which is key to understand the GxP requirements from any Pharmaceutical company.We also purchased the PQ validation from Vimachem to benefit from their experience. The validation documents kept a very high level of quality. All the work was made remotely due to the pandemic but the transition and execution were excellent.

During the installation project we also used the line simulator – an environment that can easily connect to the SSM QA and function as a real packaging machine. Very useful in integration tests against the real packaging lines for testing.Regular project meetings, either weekly or biweekly depending on our needs maintained good project team spirit and progress through project tasks on time. The Vimachem team approach was team oriented. Everyone attended the project meetings as much as they could and were active and supporting project progress. Even if we experienced a change in project lead during the execution of the project, the handover was barely noticeable.

I strongly recommend Vimachem."