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The Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Software, is a GAMP 5, Category 4 Configured Product consisting of standardized modules and documentation packages that can be assembled and realigned to quickly accommodate changing demands.

  • Master data module.
  • Rework module.
  • Label Design module.
  • Article Management module.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) module.
  • Serialization Warehouse module.
  • Packaging Scheduler module
    powered by machine learning algorithms.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced time to prepare and start production runs.
  • Elimination of incorrectly coded and packaged products as all errors are identified during testing and before actual production runs.
  • Minimized unscheduled line-stoppage.
  • Increased production output and packaging OEE.
Vimachem Global Appearance

Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Software Features with Level 4&5 Systems (Tracelink, SAP, Arvato, RfXcel, Verify Brand).

  • Only level 3 in the market designed and developed in collaboration with Tracelink, the Vimachem L3 SSM allows operation of Tracelink from SSM, so all daily serialization operations (including commissioning and sending data to marketing authorization holders) can be performed from the Level 3 SSM user interface while Tracelink is working in the backend ( allowing internal teams to use only software system for daily serialization operations).
  • Automatic data transfer (product master data, aggregation hierarchies, s/ns and more) and verification (according to Annex 11 Section 5) between Vimachem Level 3 SSM and Tracelink reduces manual input errors, setup time and line downtime.
  • L4 Interface based on EPCIS messages.
  • Import and update product master data using SAP iDOC XML, SOAP or CSV files.
  • Production / Process Order creation with or without Material Master Data using SAP iDOC XML or SOAP.
  • Other custom SAP and Arvato integrations requested per customer.

Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Software Features with Level 2 Systems (Wipotec-OCS, Seavision, Antares, Mettler-Toledo / PCE and more).

  • Label/format design and management (retrieval of existing layouts from packaging lines and/or Nicelabel, Codesoft, version control, publish etc. ) eliminates machine down-time due to layout designing on the packaging shop-floor.
  • Full audit log retrieval (including rejection reasons, camera grading, machine alarms etc.) and merge with L3 audit log for one combined L1-3 audit log.
  • VNC / Remote Line HMI in the SSM allowing remote management of serialization machines from the Vimachem Level 3 SSM interface.
  • Configurable L2-3 interface that includes:
    • Pause and resume (also in different lines).
    • Parallel production of different batches in serialization and aggregation machines.
    • Other possible custom workflows requested by customers.
  • Rework post-LOT (closed orders) with handheld USB scanners.
  • Real-time line monitoring (counts, rejections etc.) but also able to interface an L2 without live-connection ( depending on the L2).
  • Order queuing allows scheduling of packaging orders in the Vimachem Level 3 SSM and automatic loading of orders on serialization machines (with only 1 order loaded at each machine per time) in a pre-defined order.
  • Validated software line simulator allows end to end testing with supply chain partners without the need to utilize packaging machines.


Level 3 Installation, Validation Execution & Project Management

Our team of expert consultants will partner with your organization to provide complete end-to-end…

Level 3 Qualification Documentation and Validation Plan

Vimachem conforming with the GAMP5 risk-based methodology offers a complete validation plan consisting of…

Level 3Annual Support

After the installation and qualification of the Vimachem Level 3 Site Management System, Vimachem will provide annual support through contractual service level agreements (SLA).

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