About Digital Factory

Vimachem Digital Factory combines advanced software and hardware solutions that improve product quality and operational efficiency and reduce risk.

Examples include connecting manufacturing systems and individual pieces of equipment using the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), reducing ergonomic risks through robotics and ensuring product quality through real-time analytics rather than after-the-fact testing.

Strategy for the Digital Factory

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As organizations take advantage of our modular and scalable solutions for production and packaging operations, these organizations are finding that their systems are easier to integrate, operate, and audit.

This translates directly into savings, with many organizations achieving 5 – 10% improvement in asset availability, as well as similar or even higher gains in quality, safety, and production.


Data Integrity


At Vimachem we understand that Digital Factory projects do not have to be complete plant overhauls. Many of the best digital transformation results come from pilot projects on operational units that under-perform. We also believe that digital transformation is not a one-size fits all process.

Each customer has specific processes and capabilities and specific problems. This is why we deploy our experts to work closely with the customer teams to identify specific problems and then use our technology and expert teams of hardware and software engineers to develop specific solutions that combine: