End-to-end Serialization support

// Track & Trace

Our team of expert consultants will partner with your organization to provide complete end-to-end Serialization (Track & Trace) support that you need to achieve cost-effective compliance.

Our expert technical consultants and project managers will support your organization with the implementation and qualification of the VIMACHEM SSM Level 3 system as well as with the implementation of the Tracelink Life Sciences Cloud (Levels 4 and 5), offering an integrated solutions for serialization Levels 3 to 5 that allows reduced implementation time and (pragmatic) end-to-end validation.

We bring world class expertise and support developed from 10+ years of support dedicated to the Life Sciences industry.
During installation and validation execution Vimachem will:
Install the Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Site Management (SSM) system to two servers (production and test) and perform the installation qualification (IQ).

Integrate the VIM level 3 site management system to the Tracelink Life Sciences cloud and the line level equipment and perform the installation qualification (IQ).

Support if requested, with production qualification (PQ).

Vimachem throughout the project lifecycle will provide project management services for:
Project coordination and communication with global stakeholders.

Technical requirements and specifications definition.

URS analysis.

Scheduling of time and resources, monitoring and change management, continuous monitoring of project milestones.

After the successful qualification of the level 3 site management system, Vimachem will train the resources in the successful operation of the Level 3 site management.