Life Science Series Steam Sterilizers

Life Science Series Steam Sterilizers

Getinge's core competence comprises workflow management of the recirculation of clean and contaminated materials, based on decades of global experience.

Getinge offers a wide range of sterilization systems, including sterilizers that are ideal for cages and racks, to assure contamination prevention. In both process development and quality assurance laboratories there is a need for clean, sterile laboratory utensils and glassware.

Getinge develops, manufactures and supplies complete sterilization systems for use within the life sciences (the branches of science concerned with living organisms). Getinge Steam Sterilizers are versatile with a wide range of sterilization cycles, to tough microbes while being gentle enough to protect the integrity of components. Offering a wide range of chamber sizes to meet the needs of all common sterilization applications.

Quality piping and components and a sectional jacket design are key components of Getinge Steam Sterilizers. Providing four main functions for sterilization of material entering a sterile/containment zone, sterilization of used items and waste from sterile/containment zones, pass-through barrier betwen sterile zones and the outside world and additionally the provide stand-alone sterilization.

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