Production and Supply Chain Digitalization

The Vimachem Digital Transformation Process

Each Vimachem digital transformation projects starts with an assessment of the customer digital maturity.

Digital maturity is assessed across 3 clearly defined business dimensions:

a. Technology

b. Operations

c. Organization & Culture

Digital Maturity assessment is a powerful tool to provides guidelines for a clear path throughout the digital transformation journey.

Using the insights of the Digital Maturity study, our teams of Pharma 4.0 experts work closely withsite-level teams and perform gap analysis to quickly highlight opportunities for improvement. The discovered opportunities are then used to jumpstart digital transformation pilot projects.

The benefit of performing pilot projects is that organizations can then scale these pilots up to achieve the full-scale benefits. Therefore, to get the most benefit from digital transformation projects, it is crucial to develop a scale-up strategy as part of pilot implementation.

The Vimachem Digital Transformation Process