cGMP Washer/Dryer

cGMP Washer/Dryer

The GEW Series washer/dryers are suitable for many common applications within BioPharma production, and are equipped with appropriate features and options for demanding processes within production and QA/QC laboratory environments.

Sloped design and smooth crevice-free construction of chamber, pip¬ing and racks eliminates water retention and sites for biofilm or corrosion. 316L stainless steel is used throughout, with EPDM, PTFE or other FDA (21 CFR part 177) and USP class VI approved gaskets. Orbital welding is used wherever possible and extensive documentation is provided.

Less building ventilation capacity is needed to maintain the differential pressure between departments (loading and unloading side).

Each model is available in single door or double door configuration. Doors are equipped with interlocks to prevent opening during washer operation and simultaneous opening of the dual door units.

To meet specific process requirements, Getinge offers a Single Pass Final Rinse (SPFR) system which can be programmed as a part of the total validated cycle. During SPFR, components are not exposed to recirculated water. The SPFR cycle can be user-programmed and repeated in accordance with process requirements. Rinse water conductivity is monitored by the control system. If the conductivity goes out of range, a fault code is activated.

Getinge GEW washers - A new standard in cGMP cleaning

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